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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Bike Barge Trip - Leiden to Kudelstaart- August 2015 - Day 8

Today we are heading to Kudelstaart for the night. But before starting we all went to the train station area so that the barge can start it's journey. We had couple of hours to kill in Leiden before starting and everyone went on their own way. We decided to go and check out the windmill museum at Molen De Valk, but it was closed at that hour. So we headed with our bikes towards the old part of town. Luckily Leiden is fairly small town so the riding was not too difficult or dangerous. We went to see another windmill, Molen de Put. From there we went to the Citadel or Burcht van Leiden. After that we cycled past lots of churches and nice buildings. There are also lots of buildings with poetry written all over the walls. Leiden is the city of keys so there were lots of keys all over the place.

Leiden Train Station

City of Keys. Leiden Tourism Office
Windmill Museum, Molen de Valk, Leiden

Windmill Museum, Molen de Valk, Leiden
Molen de Put, Leiden

Citadel, Leiden

Citadel, Leiden

Citadel, Leiden
Harteburgkerk, Leiden

Hooglandse Kerk

Koornbrug, Leiden


Marekerk, Leiden

Morsport, Leiden

Pieterskerk, Leiden

Poetry on a wall, Leiden

The Weigh House, Leiden

More modern buildings, Leiden
After regrouping again near the Leiden Tourism office just outside the train station we all headed out towards Warmond and a ferry over a river. These ferries are small, lots of them meant to be used by cyclists or pedestrians, no cars allowed. They are operated by one person and he/she only comes when needed.

Broerdijkmolen on the way from Leiden to Warmond

On the ferry at Warmond
After the crossing we headed towards Vennemeer Oud Ade. We had lunch there at a marina. They also had a restaurant where lots of us had something else to eat and drink too.

Lunch spot at a Marina at Oud Ade

Lunch spot at a Marina at Oud Ade

Next place was via Rijpwetering towards Woubrugge and another ferry crossing. We had a nice stop at Ter Aar mostly because the bridge was open for a long time waiting for boats to go through the small tight canal.

Watching a sailing school in action at Rijpwetering on Wijde Aa


Our ferry arriving at Woubrugge

Waiting for the bridge to go down at Ter Aar

on a park at Ter Aar
Tonight we are staying at Kudelstaart. There is a nice little beach next to the dock. We had 3 boats tied together. Some of the kids and young adults on our barge were jumping to the lake from the barges. They still have so much energy even after riding all day. Dinner tonight was seafood.
Docked at Kudelstraat

Bikes all ready for tomorrow, Kudelstraat

Beach area at Kudelstraat

Seafood dinner on Wending

Sunset at Kudelstaart (I think the lake is called Westeinderplassen)

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