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Paris and Venice Vacation


Jeff and I did a 10 day trip to Paris and Venice this last October. Some of the highlights were to see the Queen's Hamlet at the Versailles. We have been there before but never made it to the Hamlet. What an adorable place. The other highlight was to go and see Monet's Giverney. Absolutely lovely. Worth the day trip there.

Notre Dame

Sainte Chapelle
Eiffel Tower

We walked up to the second level all 668 steps.
View from top of the L'Arc de Triomphe

At the Louvre

Rodin's "Thinker"
View from the Eiffel Tower's 2nd level
Monet's Waterlilies at the Musee de L'Orangerie
Monet's Waterlilies at the Musee de L'Orangerie

Napoleon's Tomb

The Seine

Trip to Giverney

Japanese Bridge
Monet's House

Monet's Garden

Monet's Garden

Monet's Garden

Monet's Garden

Monet's Garden

Monet's water-garden
Monet's House from the street, bedroom window

A street in Giverney

Claude Monet

Arriving to the Palace of Versailles

King's Bedroom

Royal Dining Room

Versailles Gardens

Queen's Hamlet
Queen's Hamlet

Queen's Hamlet

Queen's Hamlet

Our hotel, "Hotel Panorama" on Lido Island

A street & canal on Lido Island

Sunset on Lido from our hotel, Venice on the background

Venice, a gondola stop

Rialto Bridge

Grand Canal

Murano Island, grand master at work

Gondola shaped ice-cream stand


Wider street

Narrower street

The streets are getting really narrow

Venice, lets see how many tourists we can stuff on a gondola

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