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Headboard Project


Since we couldn't find a headboard we both liked, we decided to make one. I had seen Debbie Travis' Painted House TV show and on one of the older episodes she made a headboard from an old door. We found an old panel door on one of the local junk/consignment shop and went to work

  • First you have to remove all the hardware and patch holes if needed. Then measure the door and cut to size depending on the size of the bed.
  • After that you need to attach a board or an MDF board on one long side. We left the hinge end on the bottom. The board width depends on the width of the wallpaper board you will need.
  • On top of that you attach a crown molding.
  • On top of the crown molding a board.
  • You need a piece of narrow molding also to cover the seam between the door and the board.
  • You also need anaglypta wallpaper boarder, which you will glue on the board, below the crown molding.
  • If you want you can also make legs for the headboard. We attached ours to the back of the whole thing.

Here is our headboard all assembled, but before the wallpaper border Not very pretty. We had to cut one panel out and you can see the lock hole on the bottom left of the door.
  •  After it is all assembled paint the door the color you want, including the wallpaper boarder. It is meant to be painted. We painted ours a creamy color.
Here it is all painted. You can see the anaglypta wallpaper border and how the antiquing sticks to it.

  • We antiqued the whole thing after painting using part glazing medium and dark brown color. Antiquing color depends on how dark you want it to look. If you have not done antiquing before, it is quite easy. Make sure your base color is all dry. Paint the glazing medium and color mix on the door. Take some old rags and wipe off the excess. How much you wipe off depends on the look you want. The paint will adhere to all the nooks and crannies of the door and especially on the anaglypta wallpaper border.
  • I did put a coat of sealer on the whole headboard also.


  1. i am in the begining stages of making this headboard and have some questions how is the mdf board attached to the door and how are the legs made even with the door i would love to hear from you or anyone else that can answers these questions crkc@telus.net thanks christy

  2. I'm sorry I didn't take pictures while we were building this, nor from the back side. This might not be the best way to do it, but it worked for us:

    - The door is about 1 3/8" thick and cut so that it fits a queen size bed. We nailed and glued a board, about an inch thick (and about 5 1/2" wide) on the back side of both short ends of the door. The boards went as high up as the mdf on top and as far down as the legs would be high.

    - We then cut 2 pieces of board and attached it to the board and the door for legs. There is about 1/8" difference in width, but it will be below the part that shows.

    - Mdf size depends on how wide your wallpaper boarder is and how tall your crown-molding is going to be. We cut the mdf to size and nailed and glued it on the top part of the door. On the back we put a another board as a brace where the mdf and the door meet, just for extra support.

    - Then we attached crown molding to the top, with a 3/4" thick board on top of that.

    - We put a piece of molding to cover the seam between the door and the mdf. Same with the crown-molding and the door.

    - Then glued the anagalypta wallpaper border on the mdf board.

    The headboard is going to be quite heavy. Hope this helps.