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Natchez Trace Bicycle Trip


From Natchez Mississippi to Nashville Tennessee

Some members of  America by Bicycle Alumni did a reunion ride from Natchez Mississippi to Nashville Tennessee. Jeff, my husband, rode across the America in the summer of 2010. 11 members from that trip did this ride.

Joe's wife Karen and I helped with the supply and gear cars. We hauled everybody's luggage, set up water and snack stops along the route. And sometimes did some sightseeing on our own.

Jeff and I also visited Washington DC, Ashville NC, Jasper GA and New Orleans LA on our way to Natchez.

Total miles driven 3,525 miles (5,673 km). Natchez Trace itself is 444 miles ( 714.5 km).
States visited on this trip: Connecticut (2x), New York (2x), New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland (2x), District of Colombia, Virginia (2x), Tennessee (2x), North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama (2x), Mississippi (2x), Louisiana, West Virginia, Pennsylvania. Or 14 different states, some of them twice + DC.

Wrap Meeting the night before in Natchez

First morning - beginning of the ride
Jeff, Alex and Joe

Cypress Swamp
Old Trace

An early morning

One of the many SAG stops
A side trip to Elvis Presley's  birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi

Another early morning
Last state line to cross, going from Alabama to Tennessee

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