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This is blog is about me dabbling with a little bit of everything, and not being particularly good at anything. And about the places I've been either on vacation or SAG:ing my husbands bicycle trips.

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The best and worst of . . .

This page is about the best and worst of different places we've been. I meant to do this a year ago when we did the Natchez Trace ride, but for some reason didn't get to it.

More stuff will be added to this one too as we come across them.

  • Best elevator:  Definitely Marriott Hotel in New Orleans French Quarter
  • Best Visitor Center: 
                      North Carolina

  • Best Rest Stops:                    
  • Worst Rest Stops:
                       Louisiana (it wasn't there)
                       New Jersey
  • Best Roads:
  • Worst Roads:
  • Most Boring Roads:
  • Worst Traffic:
                    New Jersey, close to New York City
                    New York City area
  • Most Ridiculous Reason for a Traffic Jam
                     Atlanta, Georgia
  • Best Marked Road:
                     Natchez Trace
  • Worst Hotels:
                     Quality Inn, Natchez, Mississippi
                     Jameson Inn, Luzern, Alabama
  • Best Hotels:
                    St. Gregory, Washington, DC
                    Marriott, New Orleans, Louisiana
                   Marriott, Nashville, Tennessee
                   Days Inn, Ridgeland, Mississippi (from the Natchez Trace trip)
                   Sleep Inn, Tupelo, Mississippi (from the Natchez Trace trip)
  • Roads With Most Trucks:
                   I-81 in Virginia between Tennessee and Washington DC

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