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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Two weeks to go . . . 

Two weeks from now we will be in Amsterdam and I should be ready for my first bicycling trip. I've been practicing all winter, mostly on the trainer in the basement. Once the weather got warmer Jeff and I have been doing rail trail rides once a week if the weather has been good. I even got a new bike that fits me better since my old has been giving me neck and hand pains. 

I just passed 100 miles riding outside, (but it should be closer to 110 since the battery was dead the first time we went out). Jeff also says that I must have logged about 300 - 400 miles in the basement, but who knows since there is no way to measure that. I know it's not much compared to what Jeff does, but it's a lot for me. . . Let's just hope it's all been enough and I'll do ok riding. But then again, I guess I could just stay on the barge if I'm not ;).

My new bike
See . . . I've done 100 miles this summer . . .