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Friday, April 27, 2012

I guess better late than never. Here is the rest of our trip to Sarnia and about Easter, well sort of Easter, with the kids:

Wednesday was a busy day. When others went shopping Denise and I decided to clean and reorganize our mother-in-laws bedrooms. We did need the guys help carrying the bed and folding sofa from room to room. We cleaned both her bedroom and the den and changed the beds and furniture from room to room all along hoping that she would like what we did.We thought it looked better and now she has more floor space in the den, plus her own bed. Unfortunately I forgot to take before pictures, but here are the after pictures. If we had had more time we might have even painted the walls.

Den/new bedroom

                                Old bedroom/new den

Also later that day our nephew Adam came over with her fiancee  Adrianne. They just recently got engaged. We had pizza from Firenze's, another Sarnia tradition. We celebrated both Dave's and Mom Phyl's birthdays, which were not too long ago. Here are also some pictures of Dave and his family

Dessa and Daniella


Denise and Adrianne

                  Adrianne and Adam

On the way back home on Saturday we stopped in Rochester for overnight, where Matt joined us. We had dinner in the restaurant Laura was working and she ended up being our waitress. The next morning we had Easter breakfast together at Laura's friend Theresa's place where she was dog sitting for a week. After that we just drove home.

Laura, our waitress @ the Village Inn, Fairport, NY

                                                            Laura, our waitress

Lady, the cute "little" puppy

       My family :)