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This is blog is about me dabbling with a little bit of everything, and not being particularly good at anything. And about the places I've been either on vacation or SAG:ing my husbands bicycle trips.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Made it to Sarnia, Ontario. Left on Saturday morning on a nice sunny day. We stopped at Matt's place and had lunch with him. His place is quite nice when you think that it's all free too. Lunch was lovely (service a bit slow but then again he was a new waiter), at the Raspberries restaurant in Utica, New York. Then it started drizzling as we drove north. We went and checked into a hotel near Buffalo airport and then drove to Laura's boyfriend Jeff's house. He has a cute little Cape Cod style house in Orchard Park. We had dinner with them in Buffalo's Fat Bob's Smokehouse.

Sunday morning there was a pea soup fog all over Buffalo. There weather was not much better across the border, like it usually is in weather reports. Meaning there is nothing in Canada, while the States has clouds and rain etc. We took the long way to Sarnia. Went through towns I have never been. Took about an hour longer than the highway but there was not traffic.

Sunday Jeff and I went for a short bike ride through the park but it was really windy and cold. The weather has not been much better since then. Today, Wednesday was a bit warmer, but it is cooling down again and the wind has started blowing from the north. Jeff has been working everyday while I've been doing this and that. Found a craft store in town. I think it's fairly new and has a good selection of bit of everything. I did one kumihimo necklace and organized some photos and made a Shutterfly photo album. They had an offer I could not refuse this week. A free 8x8 album, just pay postage.

After 120,000 miles our gas tank is finally empty ;)

Is it a boat . . .  or a caboose???

No. . . it's a DOT truck from Connecticut going to somewhere in upstate New York 

Very strange looking cloud formations

Matt's apartment building from the back. His place is on the second floor

Matt's place from the front. Still all the 2nd floor windows are his place.

West end of the Welland Canal, Ontario

Just loved this house. Forgot which town it is in.

And that bicycle kept following us all the way.

Some freighters docked in Sarnia

Canadian Coast Guard kept their boats in that marina also. There were 3 of them.

  Kumihimo necklace I made this week

Sunday, March 18, 2012

What a beautiful day. Temperatures were in the 70's. Cleaned up the pond a little bit. Pulled out all the plants that are in there and tried to clean out the algae that's been taking over thanks to the warm weather. Then went for an 8.4 mile bicycle ride on the Monroe Rail Trail.

Wolf Park in Monroe with the Great Hollow Lake

Rail ends at Newtown town line. And Newtown still has not done anything to the trail to continue it. Only the sign has graffiti added to it.

Here we are at the end of the ride. 

One of the irises we pulled out off the pond. You think it's a bit overgrown. . . . believe it or not but there is a pot under there. Don't know how I'm going to get it out off the pot. Might have to take an ax to it.

The other iris doesn't look any better. And I just repotted the bigger pots year or two ago.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

What a month March has been and it's only half way over.

  • Retirement - me
  • Internship - Matt
  • New job acceptance - Laura
  • and Jeff - well, he got a new bike ;)